I love to write and for a while I slowed down or came to a stop completely, but I felt this was the best place to actually start to post some of my writings.




It Amazes Me

It amazes me that it took years
It took years for me to see for me to feel for me to feel that depth within me
I used to pick up a pen and all the words would just flow with one another on paper
Then it became a forced habit that took thought and time
But then it stopped all together for a while
Then I got a kick of motivation that restarted my thoughts
that fueled my hunger
that made me feel at one and comfortable with my style
It amazes me that it took years
for me to think that maybe this is my escape
That I can consume myself with my own words rather than someone elses
I can create my own image to live up to and prosper through everything I can imagine
It amazes me that it took years for me to finally say I’m done and that we can’t be anymore
That this relationship just wasn’t what I wanted
I put so much time and effort in it and I geniunely tried, but that day came when I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognize me
I saw unhappiness, I saw lonliness, I saw me but I didn’t see you
It amazes me that it took all of these years for me to hear the words I needed to inspire me
To take my breath away to make me value how someone else can speak and look at the world.
It amazes me that it took years for me to finally start seeing me again.

Rolling Hills


Rolling hills have power I didn’t know existed
Those hills start to flow and the rhythm picks up and you start on a roll again
My hills were made to be challenged and pushed
My hills have a life of their own to be seen
My hills are the attention of me
Words can be so much more than just rhyming words
Words hold their own power just as rolling hills do
I know words have had such a power over me for so long
That is everyone else’s words….
For once and finally I quiet everyone else’s words
No more hearing what they have to say
It’s about what I’m saying to myself
It is me listening to my own voice for once
The power behind it isn’t that strong yet
The power is becoming stronger and will continue to grow as long as I hear it
My hills are growing bigger with the more I grow as a person
It’s the power in those rolling hills that make a difference
If you don’t understand what I mean by rolling hills then everything I have just said has passed you by like a rolling hill
As long as I can see my rolling hills that is all that matters
Maybe one day someone else will understand my hills and appreciate what it means and stands for